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Teaching Cyber Wellness in Singapore Schools with IMDA and Digital For Life

On February 8, 2021, Singapore’s President Halimah Yacob announced that the President’s Challenge 2021 will focus on equipping the nation with digital tools, skills, and connectivity, and move towards “Building a Digitally Inclusive Society” (source). 

To address the President’s Challenge, a new national movement was launched by the IMDA. “The newly launched Digital for Life movement will look to bring the whole of nation together in collective efforts to help all Singaporeans have the necessary digital tools, skills and habits to succeed in the future” (source).




National campaign

Corporate sponsorship


2021 - ongoing


Credit: West Grove Primary School

Making a Significant Social Impact With Students

Cyberlite Books has been working closely with the IMDA and Media Literacy Council (MLC) to contribute to the Digital for Life movement, in order to make a significant social impact. Our book, Ready, Get Set, Connect!, teaches primary and secondary school students the main focus areas of cyber safety education, which falls harmoniously into the objectives of the Digital for Life movement of “cyber safety, media literacy and mitigating the risks of online harms” (source).

Credit: West View Primary School

A Holistic Cyber Safety Programme

We created a holistic programme that ensures that cyber safety education is communicated holistically to the students, parents, and teachers. The programme includes every child receiving a workbook of their own through the support of corporate sponsorship, and supplementary student workshops, parent webinars, and teaching materials for all participating schools.

“I like the fun and interactive activities found in the Cyberlite book! The book is well-written and conveys good messages that I can learn from, such as education children on Internet risks and encouraging safe online behaviour.”


Student, Class 5 Care, Greenwood Primary School

Over 10,000 Books Sponsored

To make this programme possible, we partnered with Palo Alto Networks to deliver over 10,000 books into primary and secondary schools for the pilot phase. The programme was delivered successfully with the distribution of books to all students in participating schools, as well as highly interactive student workshops running virtually across multiple year groups. Parent webinars were also conducted on Saturday mornings to ensure a holistic approach of cyber safety for the whole family. Teaching materials provided by Palo Alto Network’s Cyber A.C.E.S.’s programme were also distributed to faculty and teachers to further enhance the educational experience.

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