Making a Global Impact with Menlo Security

Menlo Security is a cloud security company that protects organizations from cyber attacks by eliminating the threat of malware from around the web, documents, and email. They are trusted by major global businesses, including Fortune 500 companies and eight of the ten largest global financial services institutions.

Cyberlite Books partnered with Menlo Security's APAC, USA, UK and EMEA teams to deliver seamless and replicable cyber safety activations in every region, creating custom workshops fit for local audiences. 






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Making the Internet Safe For Everyone, Especially Children

Menlo Security’s mission is “to make Internet use safe, seamless and effective” (source). As part of its effort to keep users safe while online, Menlo Security partnered with Cyberlite Books to promote Ready, Get Set, Connect! to children and parents across multiple regions. The recognition that our central values aligned led to a unique global marketing campaign in raising brand value and spreading cybersafety education through the branded books and virtual events for new and existing clientele.


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“The past 12 months have posed serious challenges to carers, educators and parents when it comes to keeping children safe online. Children have been spending an increased amount of time online using it to socialise and learn, potentially exposing them to more cyber risks than ever before. We are proud to be able to work with author Nina Bual, contribute to the handbook and support this webinar. We believe that the internet should be a safe environment for everyone, especially children, and technology has an important part to play in this. Keeping everyone safe online is a priority as we believe that parents, carers and children should be equipped with the necessary knowledge and tools to ensure that spending time online is a safe and secure activity.”


Mike East, Vice President EMEA, Menlo Security

Global Activations in APAC, USA, UK and EMEA

Menlo Security has a global presence that spans across APAC, USA, UK, and EMEA territories. We delivered our books and impactful virtual webinars for their clients and industry partners in each region, tailoring our offerings specific to regional audiences. Every book that attendees received were also customised with Menlo Security's own logo and foreword. 

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It's All About Impact

  • Delivered books and webinars across multiple regions - APAC, USA, UK and EMEA

  • Created an opportunity for social discussion and conversation - Menlo Security's Twitter poll about parenting cybersafety garnered over 10,000 responses 

  • Books were customised with brand's logo and messaging, which served as a unique marketing tool for new and existing clients

  • Scalable and replicable campaign suitable for global audiences

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