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Cyber Safety Education For Students of Michelle Obama School

Michelle Obama School is an elementary school that is a part of the West Contra Costa Unified School District in Richmond, California.

There is little left to be said about the struggles parents and children faced during the pandemic with home-based virtual learning. Young students were suddenly accessing devices for hours on end without much education around cyber safety and digital wellness. When the vice president of the PTA at Michelle Obama School came to us, she expressed concerns of witnessing inappropriate online etiquette, cyberbullying instances, and how parents and teachers were handling the amount of screen time the students were tasked with.




Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

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Credit: Patrick Argast / Courtesy of WCCUSD Michelle Obama School

Corporate Social Responsibility with Menlo Security

Understanding that schools were already facing a lot of challenges, funding for a book for every child was not possible. Instead, we at Cyberlite Books decided to approach our client, Menlo Security, for sponsorship of the books as a CSR opportunity for the company to give back to the community. Championing the cause for safer internet spaces for children, Menlo Security donated 500 books to all the students of Michelle Obama School in California.


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"Menlo Security believes using the internet should be safe, seamless, and effective. Cyber safety is a key component to this value. The internet should be a safe environment for everyone, especially children, and technology has an important part to play in this. Keeping everyone safe online is a priority. Both parents and children should be equipped with the necessary knowledge and tools to ensure that spending time online is a safe and secure activity. We are delighted to partner with Nina and Cyberlite Books to provide the parents and students at the Michelle Obama school with meaningful and actionable information that will help them stay safe online."


Rosemary Fantozzi, Vice President, Human Resources, Menlo Security

Engaging and Empowering The Next Generation

We delivered three student workshops for the children at Michelle Obama Schools across six grades, with each workshop addressing two year groups. Each workshop was tailored towards the different ages, ensuring the language and activities were suitable to their levels of understanding. We also ran a parents webinar to address the dangers children may face online, and the tools and advice parents can follow at home. 

Credit: Patrick Argast / Courtesy of WCCUSD Michelle Obama School


Credit: Patrick Argast / Courtesy of WCCUSD Michelle Obama School

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