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Promoting Infosecurity Awareness With Twitter

Twitter is a social media platform that needs no introduction. Boasting 206 million daily active users, it’s the go-to platform to jump into a public conversation.


Cyberlite Books collaborated with Twitter Security and Twitter Parents in this year’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month to lead the conversation to parents about the cybersafety concerns children face online.


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Promoting #infosecawareness In October

Twitter facilitates the exchange of thoughts, news, and ideas between millions of users every minute. During this year’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month (CSAM), they took to their global platform to promote safe internet behaviours and how to protect against online risks. Twitter’s cybersecurity team created a campaign with the hashtag #infosecawareness to encourage awareness to the public and internal employees, and hosted events throughout the month. 

Virtual Book Launch Event and Parents Talk for Employees 

We hosted a webinar to address today’s key concerns about what children are facing online, how parents can prompt critical thinking and online independence at home, and parenting tips for the digitally native generation.

Cyber Mystery Game for Children and the Whole Family

Our virtual game gets the kids excited about cybersafety as they flip through the book, Ready, Get Set, Connect! to hunt for clues. These young cyber detectives have to race against the clock to help our book's star, Anna Harper, figure out who has tampered with her device. Arrest the cyber criminal to win a top prize! 

Discussing Online Safety in a Public Space

On October 21,  @TwitterSecurity and @TwitterParents invited us to speak at their Twitter Spaces event. This live event was hosted on Spaces and open to the public, and involved a lively discussion over an hour where co-authors Nina and Michelle talk to the Twitter team about all things cyber. They shared the personal motivations on why they wrote the book, insights on what parents should be doing today to protect their children, and how we can all empower the next generation to be cyber smart.

It's All About Impact

  • Cybersecurity Awareness Month - multiple day events and campaign

  • Employee Resource Group engagement for parents and families

  • Tailored events for caretakers and children

  • Public event free for anyone to attend with giveaways

  • Custom package of paperback books and ebooks 

Let's Talk!

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