Employee Impact Series

It's no secret - modern day employees are seeking more meaningful workplace experiences. Companies who invest in their employees' wellbeing and development are more likely to have higher retention rates. 

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How We Do It

Cyberlite Books helps corporates bring their cultural values to life by engaging employees and families in a unique and earnest way. Our books cover relevant topics that bring families together around the dinner table and educate through conversation.

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Ready, Get Set, Connect!

The first book in our series is Ready, Get Set, Connect!, a children's book about cyber safety. Young readers learn how to stay safe online through meeting cyber villains like The Phisher Family and Groomer, while understanding the importance of privacy in their journey.


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Topics That Matter

Next up in the series, we cover issues of mental health and environmental sustainability for readers ages 8 and up. We choose timely topics that matter to the young generation and educate them from an early age through beautiful illustrations and fun activities within the book. 

If you're interested in these titles, please contact us to find out when they launch.

Mental Health