Entrepreneurship is empowering. Through educating people on topics spanning across financial literacy, innovation, and leadership, entrepreneurship training has the ability to give people the transformative power to improve their socioeconomic circumstances in a positive way.  

Services & Solutions

Our range of services and solutions are highly customisable to your requirements.

Design Thinking: Lean, Agile, Fast

Harness the power of design thinking in our workshop to discover the lean, agile, and fast methodology. It can be customised for professional development groups or high level stakeholders.


Interactive Events & Keynote Speakers

Choose from a range of unique events run by established entrepreneurs with years of business experience. Suitable for corporate events or family workshops. 


Financial Literacy Workshops

We tackle financial literacy education in a creative way to get people excited to learn about money. Framed under entrepreneurship, we empower people of all ages to take charge of their wealth and finances.  


Business Skills Training

Business skills such as negotiation, storytelling, and creative problem solving are crucial in professional development. We train youth and young professionals to upskill them.


Gamified eLearning Platform

Our gamified eLearning platform is an innovative upgrade on the online learning experience. 

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Innovate Like An Entrepreneur

This immersive bootcamp will get participants thinking like an entrepreneur, through a series of creative challenges and exciting activities. Bootcamps are available for youths and working professionals.

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