3 Reasons Why Cybersecurity Training Needs to Be Part of Your Learning & Development (L&D) Strategy

With the advancement of technology, more and more companies are becoming victims of cyber security breaches. The problem is that despite the danger, only 1 out of 9 businesses offers this type of training. Still, here is why you may want to add cybersecurity training to your Learning & Development (L&D) strategy.


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1. Most Cybersecurity Breaches Are Human Errors

We may think that cybersecurity breaches are caused by failing technology, but in 95% of the cases, they are actually caused by human error. Technology helps us keep bad things at bay, but in most cases, it depends on how humans use that technology. If we were to remove human error, 19 of 20 cybersecurity breaches would not occur in the first place.

Breaches caused by human error can have a variety of causes. For instance, an employee downloaded an attachment that was infected with malware, or the password they used wasn’t strong enough. Many employees even use the same password for everything, as it is easier to remember – but this action can put them at risk.

If employees are educated on this matter, many of the security breaches can be fully eliminated. This is why cybersecurity training is of the utmost importance. It would keep employees and companies safe from potential attacks caused by an unintentional action. With this type of training, people will know how to avoid an unwanted action.


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2. People Working from Home Are at Risk

More and more people nowadays are working from home, as a result of the pandemic and its lockdowns. When these employees are in the office, they might be working on a secure network that makes it less likely for a breach to happen. However, when people are sent to work from home, they might not be able to enjoy a secure network.

They might have a different network from yours, might not have security implementations (i.e., a VPN), or might be using a personal device as opposed to a work laptop – very often, the former is not secured.

Without the security firewalls that a work network usually has, people working from home will not know how to avoid a cybersecurity breach. This is why training on how to recognize the dangers is essential.


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3. Family Members May Be at Risk

If an employee does not know enough about cybersecurity, this might also put their family members at risk. For instance, a child or someone from the household may go on your work computer, and then access a website that may steal your information.

This is why cybersecurity training is important not only for your employees but also for their families. Cyberlite Books offer workbooks and workshops on cybersecurity training, which will teach families how to protect themselves from online threats.

The Bottom Line

Technology can only help to a certain degree. In most cases, it is still up to the person in charge of the technology to make the decision. This is why cybersecurity training is essential – to ensure that the decisions people make are the right ones.