5 Tips to Building a Successful Corporate DEI Initiative

Over the years, increasingly more companies have demonstrated that diversity can improve productivity. Each person from a different background may come with fresh ideas – all of which you may not have gotten with your own background. With that in mind, diversity may also lead to barriers, which is why a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) program is necessary. Here are a few steps to ensure your strategy succeeds.


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1. Determine the Main Stakeholders

When planning a corporate DEI initiative, you must determine exactly who the stakeholders are. Obviously, the first is the CEO, but you’ll also need to appoint the managers, executives, and employees that understand exactly what the purpose of the initiative is. There will be some that will not be particularly excited about this, so you need to find out those who are so that the project is successful.

2. Download a Diversity and Inclusion Calendar

If you want to make sure you are inclusive, you might want to download a diversity and inclusion calendar. This kind of tool will allow you to know all cultural, historical, and religious celebrations of an ethnic group. Based on this calendar, you will be able to see how each factor impacts their work. A diverse group may have various workplace needs, so this will help you make the offices more inclusive.

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3. Identify the Priorities of the Business

Not every business will have the same priorities and needs, so you should determine what yours are. Without a good sight of the goals, you won’t have a clear route for success.

Ask yourself the most important questions: who are you, and what do you expect to achieve with this DEI initiative? How will this benefit your business? How can the people involved come together for the good of the business? Ask yourself all these questions to set up a clear plan.

4. Ensure Simplicity

No one likes a complicated plan. It may sound fancy, but it may also be more difficult to follow. This is why you need to make sure it stays as simple as possible. For instance, you may go for a series of small programs, such as luncheons on the diversity topic or an online training course. They don’t have to be super expensive either; they just need to cover the facts.


Credit: Giphy

5. Set Up Accountability

Accountability is a very important aspect that you must keep in mind, so you may want to ensure all roles are assigned. For instance, managers should give you reports once or twice a year to see how diversity and inclusion are approached. They will tackle the questions that are asked in interviews or the team-building tactics that are used to bring the team together.

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As you can see, a corporate DEI program can greatly improve the productivity of your company. As long as it is well-established and follows some basic rules, you should be able to see results.