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COVID-19 and Employee Engagement: How It's Changed Company Culture

How has your company been affected by the global pandemic? Read on to find out what changes you need to keep up with.

What is employee engagement?

Employee engagement is the extent to which employees feel passionate about their jobs, are committed to the organization, and put an effort into their work. It can make a direct impact on how individuals perceive their role and the organization as a whole.

Why is it important?

Fifty-two percent of employees say they're "just showing up," and 17 percent describe themselves as "actively disengaged"; therefore, most employers have a lot of work to do to unlock the full potential of their workforce. It is repeatedly shown that highly engaged employees are more productive and committed to the organizations in which they work.

Engaging employees is critical for retaining valuable talent and is and ensuring employees feel listened to and understood; as disengaged employees are more likely to leave their jobs. According to Forbes, employees who are engaged in their work are more likely to be motivated and remain committed to their employees. Today more than ever Employees want to ensure their employers are aligned with their values.

How has employee engagement been changed because of COVID-19?

Employee engagement is now more sophisticated than throwing a few vouchers from local stores and restaurants or sending out healthy snack boxes. In fact, since the global pandemic, engaging the entire family has become integral.

Since work-from-home schemes were put in place in early 2020, parents were forced to juggle the blurry lines of home and work life. While this trying time has been difficult for everyone globally, the creativity of entertaining ourselves at home has shown us just how resilient humans can be. Spending endless hours with our children have reminded us how important the family bond is, and has changed the way employees expect their companies to interact with them. People expect their employers to think about the entire family when engaging them in any culture building activities. They don't want to spend any more time on Zoom, even if it means a Friday drinks session online. They want to be able to spend time with their children in a meaningful and valuable way.

Cyberlite's Employee Impact Series shows a perfect example of long-form content making an impact with the entire family. A company's corporate values can be brought to life by presenting a Cyberlite Book to your employees and corporate partners.

"Our vision is to bring relevant life learnings to families, in a format that is informative and engaging to everyone. Topics like sustainability, mental health, and cybersafety are integral to parents, children, and companies. It made sense to introduce them to people through companies that care as much as we do.” - Nina Bual, Co-Founder of Cyberlite Books

Cultural Values: Show, Don't Tell

Companies today see the importance of establishing a strong set of values and spend a lot of time and resources in creating a positive workplace culture that enhances productivity and satisfaction. However, for most, these cultural values are not communicated effectively to their organisation. Corporations are often guiltying of telling its employees what the cultural values are, rather than showing and embodying them into the everyday workplace.

Making Employee Engagement Work For Your Company

Employee engagement is that feeling you get when you mention how proud you are to work for a particular company, and that you also feel as valued back. It requires the employee to understand the goals of a company, as well as their values and culture.

Subscribing to a Positive Workplace Environment

To make an impact, one-time gifting is lovely. However, imagine the excitement as a family to receive a monthly subscription or quarterly subscription of quality they truly look forward to hitting the mail box and opening,

Our Employee Impact Series is a great subscription solution that ensures engagement with the whole family, on core topics that matter to families across the globe, as well as communicating the culture of an organization. Our books promote critical thinking, interaction, and sparking a great conversation that cultivates change.

Get your company started on a highly effective and unique employee engagement programme with Cyberlite Books. Contact us here:

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