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Cyberlite Expands to a Social Impact Agency

As we head into our second year of growth, we have a special announcement to make. Cyberlite is expanding into a social impact agency. We are making our way to a bigger, brighter, and better future by working with companies, nonprofits, and governments to build a more sustainable and equitable world.

Our Roots in Cybersafety

For those of you who have been with us since the beginning, you’ll remember that we started off with our first children’s publication in cybersafety, Ready, Get Set, Connect!. We wrote a book to tackle a topic we felt was really important and relevant to the world today, but wasn’t really communicated well to our children. We wanted to spark a conversation around this social issue, and deliver education in a way that is memorable and long lasting. The book helped us launch Cyberlite Books, with the mission of empowering the next generation through education and creative engagements.

Our Evolution

The first year of our business was a rocket ride that opened us up to many big-name clients we’re very proud of. People loved our voices and creative approaches, and implored us to port that energy for adults as well. Naturally, new opportunities opened up along the way, and demand started rolling in for us to speak about other hard-to-tackle issues like diversity and inclusion. We knew there’s still a lot of good left to do in the world, so we journeyed down a path to embrace our evolution into social impact.

Our Expansion

We now have our sights set on becoming Asia’s leading social impact agency. We are still working hard in cybersafety, but we have also expanded our expertise to include Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), sustainability, and entrepreneurship. Cyberlite’s network of partners, domain experts, and collaborators allow us to help businesses and organisations in their social impact missions.

Our Mission
To inspire change and enable a sustainable, equitable world through diverse communication

At Cyberlite, our specialty is in breaking down complex issues and communicating them in creative and engaging ways. We believe it is only through understanding and education that we can achieve true impact and inspire change in the world.

At the core of our mission statement is this idea of diverse communication. People learn in all sorts of ways, so we recognise that knowledge cannot be conveyed in only one manner. This means we communicate to diverse audiences and don't discriminate against people who learn differently. We aim to teach everyone about social issues that matter in a human way.

A Social Impact Agency

As a social impact agency, we offer creative solutions for your CSR and ESG campaigns, interactive workshops, keynote events, on-demand learning content, and tailored services to fit your social impact needs. We help our clients build their purposes and drive social impact through creative activations that are measurable and engaging. By crafting issue-driven strategies and campaigns for clients, we build better culture and inspire change within the community through knowledge and action.

Cyberlite’s main purpose is to help with corporate ESG performance, specifically the “Social” category, by making an impact together on social issues. Measuring an organisation’s ESG performance isn’t just a box-ticking exercise. It’s a journey to building a sustainable and ethical business that benefits society. We work on educating people, designing CSR solutions, building culture, and public communications around your social impact initiatives.

Socialite: The Social Impact Podcast

Continuing in the thread of diverse education, we’ve also launched our very own podcast, Socialite. It’s a podcast hosted by Nina and Michelle, where they aim to spread awareness about topical social issues through a fun and casual conversation.

Listen to the podcast here

Onwards and Upwards

There are some exciting new projects coming up that are humming along in the background. We’re getting ready for even more creative activities, fantastic content, and synergetic partnerships that will gear us up for the future of social impact.

We invite you to come along on our journey by subscribing to our newsletter if you haven’t yet.

Stay tuned!


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