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How does the internet work?

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

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How does the internet work?

  • If you’re reading this article on a screen right now, it’s very likely you’re using the internet to read it! Have you ever thought about how the internet works?

  • Imagine the internet to be like a giant constellation of stars! They are constantly chatting to each other, exchanging and sharing information across the skies.

  • Servers are helpful machines that make the internet work for us. These machines talk to each other in ‘programming language’ that look like a bunch of random letters and numbers to us.

  • Servers can quickly sort through information to get the best answers when you ask a device a question. They make sure the right messages get sent directly to you and not to your neighbour by accident!

  • Information travels across the internet in two ways: 1. Across underground cables - There are actual cables running through our oceans that help make the internet work! 2. Via overhead satellites - Have you ever seen a blinking light in the sky that looks a little different from a star? That’s a satellite! They work by sending signals back and forth between devices to satellites in the sky, making our mobile phones work anywhere!

  • Did you know? There are 20.4 billion devices connected to the internet!

  • That means there are all kinds of characters online, which is why it’s important to learn how to protect ourselves online.

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