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Safer Internet Day With Palo Alto Networks and SHE Singapore

Cyberlite partnered up with Palo Alto Networks and SHE Singapore to host Safer Internet Day 2023 at Palo Alto Networks' Singapore office, inviting 31 Cyber Wellness student ambassadors from a local primary school to learn all about cyber safety.



Public Awareness Event



The day started with a warm introduction from the executive leaders at Palo Alto Networks, describing how exciting it is to work in the cybersecurity industry. Then Cyberlite kicked off the activities by running our workshop "Design Your Own App!" that challenges students to assume the role of a coveted tech entrepreneur tasked to create the next big social media app with a twist. This design thinking session challenges students to build an app with security features in order to create a cyber safe and positive world for themselves.

The workshop was followed by the "Are you Safety Savvy?" quiz conducted by SHE, a nonprofit organisation in Singapore who supports victims of online harms, testing the students' knowledge of online safety. The cyber wellness students all took the opportunity to show off their knowledge of internet safety!

The students then participated in a cyber scavenger hunt organised by Palo Alto Networks around the cybersecurity office, and concluded the day with refreshments and CyberSafe Kids goodie bags.

This Safer Internet Day event was a collaborative effort to educate children about technology and promote good cyber safety habits.

To read Palo Alto Networks' coverage of this day, please visit this link:

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