Set up Parental Controls for Netflix

Updated: May 20

If you want to let your child have the freedom to explore and watch Netflix, make sure you set up these parental controls first.

Here are our top 5 parental control settings we recommend:

1. Set up a Netflix Kids profile for younger children.

We recommend setting up a Netflix Kids profile for the young ones, as the Netflix Kids experience has a simplified look and feel, and only has shows that are suitable for kids. It also blocks the kids from accessing your account settings from this profile. To set this profile up:

1. Go to Manage Profiles page 2. Select Add Profile 3. Select Kids

2. Set up an account PIN for restricted content

Even if you have set up a separate profile for children, they can still access your (or any other adult's) profile, so you should set up an account PIN to restrict mature content. Here's what to do:

1. Verify your age in the Account page

2. Create a four-digit PIN. This PIN must be entered to watch R21 movies, so it prevents little ones from accidentally viewing something inappropriate. In the latest update of parental controls, you can also set a PIN to access each profile.