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Unboxing Videos and Children's Consumer Culture: What's the Motivation Behind the Trend?

Unboxing Videos and Children's Consumer Culture: What's the Motivation Behind the Trend?
Unboxing Videos and Children's Consumer Culture: What's the Motivation Behind the Trend?

This article is part of our blog series, "What's Their Motivation?". In this series, we delve into different aspects of internet culture, unraveling the underlying motivations behind people's online actions.

The Unboxing Experience: An Alluring Adventure for Kids

In the ever-expanding realm of internet culture, a trend has emerged that has captivated the young minds of children worldwide: unboxing videos of kids' toys. These delightful videos feature enthusiastic content creators unwrapping and showcasing a wide array of toys, creating a sense of excitement and curiosity for young viewers. But what motivates the creators behind these videos, and how do they impact children's consumer culture? In this blog post, we will explore the motivations driving the unboxing video trend, its effects on children, and the implications it may have on their consumption habits.

The Thrill of Discovery

Unboxing videos offer children a unique experience akin to unwrapping gifts on special occasions. This sense of discovery and anticipation captures young viewers' imagination, allowing them to vicariously experience the joy of unboxing new toys. The process of unveiling surprises through the screen instills a sense of wonder and excitement, fostering a deeper connection with the content and the creators.

Building a Connection with Creators

Many content creators producing unboxing videos cater specifically to children, adopting a friendly and relatable persona. This approach helps build a strong emotional connection between children and the creators, encouraging kids to become loyal subscribers and actively engage with the channel's content. The bond formed through these videos transforms creators into virtual playmates, enriching the viewing experience for children.

Influence of Peer Culture

Unboxing videos can also be influenced by peer culture, as children often want to be part of what their friends are talking about and enjoying. When kids see their peers excitedly sharing and discussing popular unboxing videos, they are motivated to seek similar content, further reinforcing the trend's popularity and influence.

The Impact on Kids' Consumer Culture:

The Power of Aspiration

Unboxing videos often feature a wide range of toys, including popular and trendy ones that children may wish to have for themselves. The aspirational nature of these videos can influence kids' consumer behavior, leading them to request these toys from their parents or caregivers. Consequently, the unboxing trend may indirectly shape children's preferences and influence toy sales.

Shaping Brand Awareness

The unboxing phenomenon significantly impacts brand awareness among young audiences. As children watch these videos, they become familiar with various toy brands and their product lines. This exposure can create brand loyalty and influence future purchase decisions, fostering a sense of connection with the toys featured in the videos.

Balancing Realism and Fantasy

While unboxing videos can be entertaining and informative, they can also blur the line between reality and fantasy for young viewers. Children may develop an unrealistic expectation of the excitement and novelty associated with toys, potentially leading to disappointment when the real-world experience doesn't match the unboxing videos' portrayal.


Unboxing videos have become a widespread trend, particularly among children who find joy and excitement in watching their favorite toys being unveiled on screen. As content creators continue to produce engaging videos, it is essential for parents and caregivers to be mindful of the potential impact on children's consumer culture. By encouraging open discussions with kids about the difference between virtual experiences and real-life expectations, we can help them navigate the allure of unboxing videos responsibly and make informed choices about the toys they wish to bring into their lives.


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