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What is Digital Media Literacy?

What is Digital Media Literacy?

Digital media literacy is the ability to access, evaluate, create, and communicate information using digital technologies. It involves understanding the different types of digital media, such as text, images, audio, and video, and knowing how to use these media effectively and ethically.

Digital media literacy is important because it enables people to navigate the digital world confidently and competently. It helps them to evaluate the information that they come across online critically and to create and share their own content responsibly and effectively. Digital media literacy also helps to protect against online threats, such as misinformation and cyberbullying and can support lifelong learning and personal and professional development.

How to explain digital literacy media to a child

Digital media literacy is all about being able to use the internet and technology in a smart and safe way. It's about knowing how to find information online, how to tell if it's true or not, and how to make your own videos, pictures, or stories to share with others. Digital media literacy helps you to be safe online and to use technology to learn and have fun. It's an important skill to have in today's world!

Become Internet Independent

Digital Media Literacy is one of the six key topics of cyber safety in the Internet Independent Framework. Download the framework here:


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