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Education has the power to make us better.

Through learning and development, we can create positive impact with people, companies, and communities.

We work in the social impact areas of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Cyber Safety, Sustainability, and Entrepreneurship.


Social Impact Activations

Our range of off-the-shelf solutions are ready to execute anywhere, at any time. 


Events & Interactive Workshops

We deliver engaging workshops and keynote events for audiences of all sizes and ages. The interactive workshops are designed with an element of play, to increase social responsivity and enhance critical thinking. 



Cyberlite Books publishes original interactive workbooks to spark conversations between parents, teachers, and children. We also create print content for clients who are looking for something unique and memorable. Our print materials are used for large campaigns suitable for mass distribution to the public and to the educational sector. 


Learning & Development

Explore our gamified learning platform and learn about social issues in a complete reimagined way. Our educational content empower people to turn knowledge into action. We also develop customised courses delivered as a whole package.


Special Projects

We're here to serve our client's social impact needs, from content to campaigns, strategy to communications. Our holistic approach means you just tell us what your goals are, and we'll come up with creative, unique solutions that are impactful and inspirational. 

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What's the scale of your mission?


Community groups and employee resource groups are some of the best champions of social issues. They rally for diversity and inclusion at the grassroots level and create meaningful impact with the people around them. 

Community-level engagement relies on the power of people and purpose to create awareness and buzz. We serve charities, schools, and independent organisations in tandem with corporate sponsors. 


Implementing an ESG strategy company-wide requires the buy-in of internal leaders, key stakeholders, and employees in various departments. We provide learning & development content, workshops, and events that work boundlessly across regions. 


Tell the story of your brand's social impact mission to your audience and beyond. Our clients include businesses and government bodies that want to turn inspiration into action with our customised creative solutions that have the power to do good in society.


Ready to make a difference?