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How Credible Is This Source? Media Literacy Activity for Students

This activity is designed to get students to start thinking critically about where they’re getting their information from and to challenge the credibility of these sources. It is designed to be discussed openly and challenged to get a stronger grasp on media literacy.

Score each online source below on a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being the least credible, and 5 being the most. To start the activity, every individual should write down their scores quietly on a sheet of paper without discussing it with anyone. Once everyone is done, go down the list and discuss the scores everyone gave and why.

How credible do you think these sources are to receive factual news?

  1. A verified Twitter account of a public figure

  2. Your mum’s friend’s Facebook page

  3. A .gov website

  4. Someone’s personal blog

  5. A YouTube video with 2 million views

  6. Wikipedia

  7. A .edu website

  8. A verified Facebook page of a news site

  9. A news website with a lot of online ad placements and pop ups

  10. Printed newspaper

Once you have written down your individual scores, compare and discuss with each other why you gave these scores.

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