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Set up Parental Controls for Roblox

Here's how to set up parental controls for Roblox!

Here are the top 5 parental control settings we recommend:

1. Set account restrictions to be age appropriate

We recommend always putting in your child's correct age in any games as they tend to have age-appropriate restrictions. In Roblox, you can access the account restrictions setting by doing this: 1. Go to Settings after logging into your account.

2. Go to Security, and toggle on Account Restrictions. With restrictions, your child will only be shown Roblox worlds that are for 13 and under.

2. Disable the chat function

While Roblox does have a safety net of filtering out inappropriate content and language in their chatrooms, we advise parents to turn off the chat function for young players. Read more about it in our blog. Here's how to turn off the chat function in Roblox:

1. Go to Settings

2. Select the Privacy tab

3. Go to Contact Settings and Other Settings.

4. Select either Friends or No One as your child's privacy options.

3. Set up a parental PIN and 2-Step Verification

Parents have the option to add a four-digit PIN to prevent any changes to be made to the account settings. This way, you can ensure your child doesn't change the password, email address, privacy and other settings without your knowledge.

1. Go to account Settings

2. Select the Security tab

3. Toggle the button to turn on PIN.

4. Create and save your PIN number.

Additionally, you can also activate the 2-step verification on your account to make sure no one else can login to your account. When you or your child logs in from another device, you'll be sent a unique security code to your email address. To turn this feature on:

1. Go to Settings

2. Select the Security tab

3. Turn on Two Step Verification.

4. Limit in-game purchases on your device

Roblox offers in-game purchases of "Robux", which is the game currency used to buy extra features in the game. You'll need to spend real money to buy Robux. To prevent your child from going too crazy with purchases, you should always limit in-game purchases on all your devices.

5. Play the game together to understand it better

If you're concerned with what your child might be exposed to on Roblox or if you're just not sure about it, take some time to play the game together with your child to understand it better. It will help you get a clear idea of what the little ones are doing online and it will also give them a chance to ask you about different features they might not understand.

Conclusion: Roblox can be a very fun and safe environment for kids to explore and get creative. As parents, we must do our part in turning on the safety controls the game has to offer, and be diligent in monitoring their activities.

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