Adventures in Cyber Space

Learn all about how the Internet works, which cyber baddies to look out for, and how you can stay safe online. 

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Cyber Lite's interactive workbooks covers a large range of cyber security topics for children. We've worked with schools and parents to identify their top concerns and used our doodling power to create characters and activities to teach children to be online-savvy.​​

Stories That Inspire

Help your children take control of their digital lives by understanding the world of cyber space. Our range of books inform children about the workings, perils, and joys of the digital world. Our mission is to help children navigate the constantly changing landscape, and to stay Cyber literate and safe while having fun!

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Our interactive workbooks have been designed to open up the conversation between children and their parents and teachers. 

Download printable activities and play games at home to enrich your child's learning!

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