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Building a culture of

doing good and
inspiring action.

We understand the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives and the positive impact it can have on communities and non-profit organisations.  Support our mission to maximise social impact for the next generation. 

Enterprise meets education.

At Cyberlite, we believe achieving true social impact starts with education. It has the power to enable change in communities and empower the next generation with the right skills and knowledge to thrive in the digital world. We work with enterprise clients who align with our mission to promote safe internet practices in the community by integrating our work with CSR projects. 


By supporting our cyber education programs, enterprise clients play an active role in creating positive change in communities, empowering the next generation with essential digital skills and knowledge.



We work with enterprise clients who share our vision of promoting safe online practices. Through CSR projects, we integrate their mission with our educational initiatives, fostering a meaningful and impactful partnership.

Why Non-Profits Need Cyber Education

Non-profit organisations benefit greatly from our cyber education programmes, as many vulnerable communities are at risk of cyber attacks due to low digital literacy rates and lack of awareness. 


Cyber education equips underprivileged children and vulnerable groups with the necessary tools to navigate the digital world safely, promoting inclusivity and equal opportunities.


By providing cyber education, nonprofits ensure that their beneficiaries are equipped with the skills to protect themselves online, reducing the risk of cyber threats and enhancing overall resilience.

Create Social Impact with Us



Books and Educational Materials to Schools

Cyberlite works with non-profit organisations to empower children and youths with cyber safety education. By sponsoring our educational products to schools, enterprises make a great impact with local charities and non-profits through our regional distribution networks. This sponsorship allows your company to amplify its CSR mission and create greater social impact in a meaningful way.



On Public Awareness Campaigns

Raise public awareness on the importance of cybersafety and digital wellbeing within your local communities, from grassroots groups to nationwide campaigns. As your implementation partner, working with Cyberlite will be structured with a strategic and holistic approach. 



Custom White Label Projects

For enterprises who have clear deliverables for existing beneficiaries, Cyberlite's white labelling services can manage your projects. Our team comprises of creative designers and innovative educators with strong domain expertise in cyber education that can deliver fantastic, engaging results for all audiences. 



Events That Promote Safety

Cyberlite hosts a range of family-friendly workshops and events that promote internet safety, and are exceptionally engaging and informative. Because these events are suitable for wide audiences, it is perfect for companies looking to start their social impact journey in cybersafety.

Our Footprint

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