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Let's face it. Cybersafety education is boring and repetitive.

Strong passwords? Been there, done that. 

Digital footprints? Tell me something new

We deliver educational content that is

creative, engaging, and impactful.

But it doesn't have to be like that!

Revolutionising the way we

learn online safety.

At Cyberlite, we approach cybersafety and digital wellbeing education with just one clear objective: to prepare students with the right tools and skills to become Internet Independent.

We developed the Internet Independent Framework to help educators teach cybersafety and digital wellbeing in the classroom. All of our content, workshops, and programmes are based on the key pillars of the framework, and are suitable for primary and secondary students (elementary, middle school, and high school).

For Schools

Programmes & Packages

We believe in the power of creative teaching to educate students about the importance of cybersafety and digital wellbeing. A holistic approach is employed in our programmes and packages to support educators and students in all aspects of learning. 



The Internet Independent Learning Library

This subscription gives the entire school access to a comprehensive online learning library for students, teachers, and faculty staff. 

  • Internet Independent Curriculum Framework

  • Scope and sequence lesson plans

  • Case studies and classroom activities

  • Student handouts, printables, and assignments

  • Suggested school policies on device management, cyberbullying protocols, etc. 

  • ...and much more! 



Cyber Wellness Programme

This is an all-rounded programme that establishes the foundations of cybersafety and digital citizenship, including cyberbullying, fake news, phishing, grooming, internet privacy, and password protection. Most suitable for 8 to 13 year olds. 


The programme includes;

  • Ready, Get Set, Connect! An interactive workbook for students

  • Student assembly workshop (30-45mins)

  • Parent webinar (60min)

  • Teaching resources & lesson plans

Programmes and Packages

Student Workshops

We've worked with government bodies, schools, and non-profit organisations globally to deliver student workshops that enhance learning. These student workshops provide more colour and context to the conversation of internet safety, and deepen students' understanding of their online worlds. 



Cybersafety Student Workshop

Our engaging cybersafety workshops for primary and secondary students are highly customisable to the school's needs. Each interactive workshop is led by an expert trainer, helping students develop the skills they need to navigate the internet with confidence.


We cover a wide range of online safety topics based on the Internet Independent Framework, including: 

  • Digital Identity

  • Privacy & Information Security

  • Digital Media Literacy

  • Phishing

  • Online Relationships

  • Cyberbullying & Abuse


Workshops can be customised on the following: 

  • Topics to cover

  • Duration

  • Format (large assembly, small classroom, etc)
  • Virtual, in-person, or hybrid


Digital Wellbeing Student Workshop

Instructed by our cybersafety domain expert, we bring digital wellbeing issues to life with interactive workshops for primary and secondary students. We focus on an individual's relationship with technology, and the internal and external factors of the digital experience that can impact one's mental health and emotional wellbeing. 

We cover a wide range of digital wellbeing topics based on the Internet Independent Framework, including: 

  • Mental and Emotional Health

  • Digital Usage

  • Communication and Participation


Workshops can be customised on the following: 

  • Topics to cover

  • Duration

  • Format (large assembly, small classroom, etc)
  • Virtual, in-person, or hybrid


Cyber Wellness Ambassador Training Programme

This training programme is designed to enable student cyber wellness ambassadors to lead, inspire, teach, and advocate for positive online behaviours. Each session dives deep into a different cyber wellness topic, helping students understand how to identify and deal with cyber risks and learn to support their peers. Students will also be given tools to assist with their outreach efforts in school.

The training workshop can be booked as a standalone session or run as a training programme over multiple sessions. Topics may include: 

  • What’s a good digital citizen? Promoting positive cyber behaviours

  • Cyberbullying: Be an Upstander

  • Combating fake news

  • Phishing: watch out for scams!

  • Identifying trusted adults and establishing protocols

  • How to run a Cyber Wellness Week at school

Professional Development

We recognise that every school serves different communities with specific needs. Our professional development services offers much more than just knowledge - it provides support for teachers to understand. ask, and learn about online safety issues they may face in the classroom. 



Workshops for Teachers

We conduct training workshops to keep faculty members and teachers informed of the latest cyber safety risks and challenges schools often face. These sessions give teachers space to ask questions, discuss issues, and knowledge share. We propose one workshop per term to keep informed throughout the academic year.

Example of our workshop topics: 

  • What's Trending? Understanding a Teen's Cyber World

  • The Many Faces of Cyberbullying

  • A Trip Down The Rabbit Hole

  • Privacy Matters

Workshops can be customised on the following: 

  • Topics to cover

  • Duration

  • Format
  • Virtual, in-person, or hybrid



Train the Trainer Cybersafety Programme

The Train the Trainer programme is tailored to your specific teaching needs. Using the Internet Independent Framework as the foundation, we'll build a comprehensive cybersafety programme that addresses your teaching objectives. The programme may include training workshops, educational content, teaching resources, and translation services of written materials. 



Cybersafety Talk for Parents and Caretakers

Education is most impactful when a child can seamlessly continue a conversation from the classroom to the dinner table. This talk offers support to schools who want to start the conversation on cybersafety with parents and caretakers.  In this session, we'll share expert insight into how kids and teens interact with technology in today's world. The hour-long talk uncovers the dangers and malicious actors lurking on the popular apps your children are on and what to do about it. We discuss the challenges parents face when it comes to technology management, and how to establish positive and safe online practices at home. 

Student Workshops
Professional Development

The Book Store

Cyberlite Books publishes original titles suitable for educational purposes. Our interactive workbooks are designed for all sorts of learners, from neurotypical to neurodivergent students. Each book is packed with beautiful illustrations and fun activities to keep children and teens captivated in learning.  



Ready, Get Set, Connect! 

Ready, Get Set, Connect! is our flagship publication that teaches children and families about cybersafety in a fun, engaging, and interactive way.


Pick up new skills with Captain Antivirus and Miss 2FA and learn what online privacy means. Solve puzzles and challenges on your adventure to defend yourself from the Phisher Family, Cyberbullies, The Groomer, and the Fake News Faker! 

Suitable for ages 7 to 12. Available in paperback and ebook. 


Learn with Cyberlite Books

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