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For Governments & NGOs

Enabling education to

build cyber capacity and resilience in Asia Pacific and beyond.

As a trusted partner in global cyber capacity building, we assist governments in their efforts to promote public awareness and develop robust educational programs. Based in Singapore, we bring our expertise and Asia Pacific reach to foster a safer digital world.

Why Governments and International Agencies Choose Us

Cyberlite is a proud member of the Global Forum of Cyber Expertise (The GFCE). We are committed to strengthening cyber capacity in the interest of promoting safety and security to all. As educational providers specialising in online safety, we offer a unique and impactful approach. Our Internet Independent Framework and comprehensive resources empower youths, schools, parents, and the public to navigate the cyber landscape safely.

With our expertise in cyber education, agencies engage our services to: 

  • Foster public awareness: We focus on increasing cyber resilience through widespread education, helping communities stay safe online.

  • Leverage our Asia Pacific strength: Based in Singapore, our deep-rooted ties and extensive regional reach make us the go-to partner for Asia Pacific cyber capacity building projects.

  • Tap into our niche: Our specialisation in delivering high-quality, tailored educational programs sets us apart in the industry.


Your Implementation Partner

As implementation partners, we deliver impactful results by collaborating with local partners on grassroots levels. Our approach focuses on providing comprehensive cyber safety education to schools and communities. Here's how we deliver measurable impact figures:

Customised Programmes

We work closely with governments and international development agencies to develop tailored educational initiatives that meet the specific needs of each region and target audience.

Localised Delivery

We ensure effective implementation of our educational programs in schools and communities across the region through landscape surveys, local partners, translations, and contextualisation. 

Sustainable and Equitable Education

Through training workshops and resources, we build in sustainable and equitable education by empowering educators to integrate online safety into their curriculum and create a safe digital learning environment.

Community Engagement

We organise interactive events, awareness campaigns, and workshops to engage parents, families, and the public, fostering a culture of cyber resilience.

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