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Internet Independent

Cyber Safety and Digital Wellbeing Framework

The Internet Independent Framework covers essential cyber safety and digital wellbeing topics necessary for individuals to protect themselves in cyberspace.


What does it mean to be Internet Independent?

Being Internet Independent means having the competence and confidence to navigate the online world safely and responsibly. It is about equipping yourself with the necessary knowledge and skills to protect your personal security, embrace digital wellbeing, and make informed decisions while engaging with the internet.

When you are Internet Independent: 

  • You understand the importance of safeguarding your digital identity and personal information.

  • You have the awareness to identify and mitigate cyber risks, such as phishing attempts and scams.

  • You possess the skills to critically evaluate digital media, ensuring you consume and share information responsibly.

  • You cultivate healthy online relationships and navigate social platforms with empathy and respect.

  • You recognize the impact of cyberbullying and abuse, and know how to report such incidents.

  • You prioritize your mental and emotional health, maintaining a healthy balance between digital engagement and offline activities.

  • You practice effective communication and active participation in the digital sphere.

  • You have a mindful approach to digital usage, promoting intentional and responsible use of technology.

For Education

The Internet Independent Education Framework is designed to prepare students with the necessary tools and skills to become Internet Independent. It focuses on age-appropriate cyber safety and digital wellbeing knowledge, ensuring that students develop the competencies needed to navigate the internet confidently and securely as they transition into adulthood.


Internet Independent: Curriculum Framework for Education

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For Public Awareness

The Internet Independent Public Awareness Framework aims to raise public awareness and equip individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to protect themselves in the digital realm. The framework provides the necessary guidance and resources to help individuals achieve internet independence, by equipping them with the tools to navigate the complexities of the digital world. 

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Internet Independent: Framework for Public Awareness

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Public Awareness
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