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Equipping students with the knowledge they want.

We empower the next generation by bringing children's wellness to the forefront of conversation. We believe in the power of creative teaching to educate students about important and relevant social issues.

Beyond the Curriculum

Our books start the conversation around topical issues that aren't part of the curriculum. Teaching the next generation means recognising what matters to them and teaching them the knowledge to excel.


Interactive and Engaging Books

Our interactive workbooks are designed for all sorts of learners, from neurotypical to neurodivergent students. Each book is packed with beautiful illustrations and fun activities to keep children and teens captivated in the conversation. 


Student Workshops + Teaching Resources

We've worked with schools and governments to deliver student workshops that enhance learning. The supplementary workshops provide more colour and content to the conversation, and can be customised to your school's needs. We also provide teaching resources with group activities and classroom discussions.


Parent Webinars

Education is most impactful when a child can seamlessly continue a conversation from the classroom to the dinner table. Our parent webinars have been well-received globally, as we offer up expert insights into the most relevant issues your child is facing today. 


Special Projects

We recognise that every school serves communities that have specific needs. Oftentimes, tailored solutions need to be designed to cater to these needs in order to engage students, parents, and teachers in a meaningful and impactful way. Contact us to explore the possibilities of how we can help your school best  teach social issues to the next generation. 

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