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Classroom Discussion Points: Digital Wellness and Health

Here are some talking points to discuss in your classroom about digital wellness and digital wellbeing. Encourage students to ask each other challenging questions as well and initiate critical thinking.

  1. “What do you mostly use your device (phone, computer, tablet) for, besides schoolwork?”

  2. “How long would you say you spend on your devices everyday? How does spending that amount of time in front of a screen make you feel?”

  3. “How do you feel when you get a notification on social media?”

  4. “How can you be more mindful on social media?”

  5. “What was something nice that someone else has done for you online? What was something nice that you’ve done for someone else online? How can we do more of it?”

  6. “Why do you think it’s important to learn about digital health and wellness”?

  7. “What are some things we can do as a classroom to promote healthy habits and positive digital behaviours?”

Confused about what digital wellness is? Read our article here!

Are you part of a school looking to teach digital health and wellness? Talk to us!


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