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Protecting Our Children's Digital Way Of Life With Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks (NYSE: PANW) the global cybersecurity leader, is a multi-billion dollar corporation headquartered in California.

The collaboration between Cyberlite Books and Palo Alto Networks started with the goal to equip children with an understanding of how to protect their own digital futures. Our ongoing commitment towards this goal has developed into a rich partnership that has already impacted thousands of children, parents, teachers, and the wider community through cybersecurity education.



Corporate CSR, Sponsorship


2021 - Ongoing

“Cybersecurity education should start from a young age and extend into older adulthood, instead of being limited to industry insiders and those pursuing the field."

We’ve collaborated with Palo Alto Networks to equip children with an understanding of how to protect their own digital futures with our cybersafety workbook, Ready, Get Set, Connect!. An initiative supported by the Media Literacy Council and in support of the Digital for Life movement, the partnership has provided over 30,000 cybersafety workbooks into public schools and made the Palo Alto Networks Cyber A.C.E.S.. – Activities in Cybersecurity Education for Students – program available as training materials for teachers and parents.

Over 30,000 Books Sponsored

To make this programme possible, we partnered with Palo Alto Networks to deliver over 10,000 books into primary and secondary schools for the pilot phase and another 20,000 books as part of the ongoing project.

The programme was delivered successfully with the distribution of books to all students in participating schools, as well as highly interactive student workshops running virtually across multiple year groups. Parent webinars were also conducted on Saturday mornings to ensure a holistic approach of cyber safety for the whole family. Teaching materials provided by Palo Alto Network’s Cyber A.C.E.S.’s programme were also distributed to faculty and teachers to further enhance the educational experience.

“With digital tools and online learning likely to be a mainstay in the curriculum, fostering good cyber safety habits from a young age has become ever more pertinent. We’re excited to be introducing our education program in Singapore to help demystify cybersecurity through interactive learning. This collaboration with Cyberlite Books is part of our ongoing commitment to protect our digital way of life and drive social impact through cybersecurity education.”

Claribel Chai, Country Manager of Singapore for Palo Alto Networks

Families Across Singapore and Beyond

Together with the National Library Board (NLB), we co-hosted a public virtual family workshop for parents and children across Singapore to attend for free in September 2021. The co-branded event reached a wide audience and allowed families to start the conversation around cyber wellness together. We also ran workshops and webinars for Palo Alto Networks' clients and internal employees.

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