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What is Digital Wellness?

Definition: What is ‘digital wellness’ or ‘digital wellbeing’?

Digital health and wellness refers to our physical, mental, and social wellbeing when interacting with technology. The context surrounding this idea is usually about creating healthy habits and positive relationships with our devices.

Why is digital wellness important?

2020 became a year in which we became more aware of our communities’ mental health - isolation and the lack of human interaction during lockdown has allowed everyone to have unfettered conversations on wellness. Digital wellness is a fairly new area of interest in the cyber world, as people start to recognise the strong dependency we have to technology, and how it may affect someone’s wellbeing.

Digital wellness is a particularly important topic to start teaching to our kids and teens, as they are the group that spends the most time on the internet for entertainment purposes. For Gen Z, they spend an average of 7.3 hours everyday in front of a screen. With that amount of connected time, it’s no wonder more worrying digital behaviours have arisen in the past years. Cyberbullying, gaming addiction, social anxiety, and grooming are all dangerous issues that are rampant within this group.

Now is the time to keep that conversation alive and broaden its context into the online world. There is no doubt the internet has saved us during COVID-19, but this isn’t a community that is supervised and controlled as the real world. As many device users have come to find out, habitually doomscrolling through social feeds or binging on a TV series online has caused excessive screen time in an unhealthy way. It is easy for our physical and mental health to deteriorate at this pace if we don’t care for our digital wellbeing soon.

Digital Health and Wellness Activities

Here are some activities and tips you can do to encourage positive digital health and wellness:

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